Five Idols of Sri Venkateswara

The seven hills of Tirumala were called as Vengadam hills in ancient days. The word ‘Venkata’ was come from ‘Vengadam’. Tirumala and Tirupati were called as ‘Tiru Vengadam’ in those days. ‘Tiru’ means Sacred. ‘Venkata’ has two meanings according to Puranas. According to Varaha Purana, ‘Vem’ means immortality and ‘Kata’ means wealth. ‘Venkata’ means the […]

Prerana ( A Forum for Women )

‘Prerana’ A forum for Women … is a voluntary social service organization in Tirupati. Prerana has been doing many social service and cultural activities from past 10 years. Women are facing many types of problems in our society. Some are really in hopeless situations. They desperately need some help from the society. Most of the […]

Kapila Theertham, Shiva temple in Tirupati

No need to say that temple towns Tirumala and Tirupati are devoted to Lord Sri Venkateswara, an avatara of Lord Vishnu. However, Tirupati has a most ancient Shiva temple. That is in Kapila Theertham. Kapila Theertham is the only holy waterfall in Tirupati. Kapileswara swamy temple in Kapila Theertham is the only Shiva temple in […]

Narasimha Theertham, Tirupati – A neglected historical Place.

Generally, we can hardly find some historical evidence about our Temples. We never give any importance to past and future. Present is our only goal. Sadhu Subramanya Sashtry worked very hard on the history of Tirumala and Tirupati temples. He prepared so many details about Tirumala temple. Other officials simply destroyed more of them with […]

Hathiramji Mutt and Hathiram Bavaji history

Hathiram Bavaji was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Venkateswara. Every devotee of Lord Balaji should know about Bavaji. Hathiramji lived in Tirumala before 500 years. He was a great Mahant. Mahant means Saint. Many of the Tirumala visitors know about Hathiramji Matt or Mahant’s matt. It has a very important place in Tirumala […]